Free Prediction Life Horoscope Aries weekly horoscope: Impact of Kuja dosha in marriage

Aries weekly horoscope: Impact of Kuja dosha in marriage

Know various aspects of the horoscope, like impact of Kuja dosha in Aries weekly horoscope. Get detail about love marriage or arrange marriage astrology.

Marriage is a long-term relationship between two individuals and the meaning of the word marriage has taken by Aries weekly horoscope and lagna (also known as the 1st house), 7th house, 2nd house, 5th house, 11th house, and the 12th house are very important houses concerning astrology.

Detailed analysis of aries daily horoscope

However, when aries daily horoscope in astrology, let us consider it a long-term relationship between man and women, which will later convert into the family. There are many houses in a horoscope that depicts marriage and aries horoscope today.

  • 7th house illustrates in this case, husband or wife.
  • 2nd house is the Kutumba sthana or house of the family.
  • 5th house mainly takes charge of love and relationships.
  • 11th house in the natal chart depicts long-term bonding or relationships.
  • 12th house is the Vyaya and Moksha sthana and the house of expenditure and Moksha.

When Lagna connects with the 7th house, the native will connect with the person of the marriage horoscope report. When it connects through the 5th house, the native will fall with each other and but if somehow the connection establishes with the 11th house, they will have a long-term relationship by online horoscope report.

Know reason of good bonding by Marriage astrology

Saturn is also an essential reason for unhappy marital life apart from Kuja Dosha and Saturn does not cause disturbance in life directly by marriage astrology. However, if it gets placed along with Mars of Rahu and or aspecting Mars of Rahu, it will increase the marriage problem solution.

If the placement of Saturn occurs in the 2nd, 7th, or 8th house then same gets inspected by Mars, a marriage problem solution astrologer forms in a person’s natal chart. If Mars placement occurs in the Lagna or Kendra Sthana, it affects the person, mentality, and behavior and however, if Saturn gets along with Mars in this house, the person will act as Late marriage.

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